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A Closer Talk with God: Spiritual Prayers for Women

$6.99 (as of February 26, 2020, 3:42 pm)



Want to draw closer to God? Want to have a richer prayer life? Praying with scripture is the remedy to mediocre prayers. Because God’s word is powerful, using verses from the Bible as the basis of your prayers will enrich your conversations with God. The twenty-two scriptural prayers in this book cover topics that women commonly pray about like forgiveness, guidance, sickness, marriage, pregnancy, work, troubles, worries, fears, and friendship. Each prayer is comprised of an average of twenty-five Bible verses and can be used as a stand-alone prayer or can be edited to be more personal. As an introduction to each prayer, Trujillo includes stories from her personal life. These range from how she met her husband to surviving a fire, from her daily worries to her mom’s death from cancer. These stories reveal the impact of prayer on a Christian’s life.

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