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Finding Intimacy with Jesus Made Simple: Key Truths to draw you closer

Cece Fern

Another well-written, engaging and inspiring book by Matthew Robert Payne. This book will inspire you to seek deeper intimacy with Jesus and make you want to become more like Him. This book consists of 77 “Kingdom nugget” entries which include humanizing insights into Jesus’ life here on Earth, which will fill you with compassion as you learn of the very real struggles our Messiah must have faced during His time on Earth. Other entries include insights of what it means to walk in intimacy with Jesus, that place of surrender where our walk merges with His and we begin to take on His Character and listen to His voice only and no other distractions, as well as guidance on various aspects such as discovering our spiritual gifts, prayer, faith and the gift of tongues. In summary, this is a transformative book and it will encourage you and guide you as you seek to go from “Glory to Glory” in intimacy in your relationship with Jesus.

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Have you got a hunger to be closer to Jesus? Have you got a desire to know Him in a greater way and walk with Him in a deeper relationship? Do you have a thirst for intimacy with Jesus to such a level that you can know secret things about Him? Do you want to walk with Him so close that He directs your every step through the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Come and read about a Jesus that you always knew, but in way that you have never known Him. Come and read His secrets about His life on earth that He is happy to reveal to His friends. Read key truths that will thrust you into a more intimate relationship with Jesus if you understand them, meditate on them and apply them to your life.

Matthew Robert Payne has lived a life of sorrow and pain, and yet through all his trials he has grown intimate with the Lover of his soul. Listen as he shares his heart with you, the lessons that he has learned in his Christian life and key revelations about the life of Jesus that were only revealed to him as he wrote this book. Many who know Matthew on Facebook in a personal way have a holy jealousy of his relationship with Jesus, and with this book he hopes to let people bridge that gap.

This book is not a book to be read once and put away; it is a book that you need to read again and again and apply to your life. Intimacy with Jesus is a sure prize, and well worth the effort it requires you to put into it, and reading this book is a key step to getting there.

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