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Jesus Speaking Today: A Devotional inspired by Jesus Calling and Jesus Today



It takes tremendous courage and honor to live up to what being a true Christian is all about. You have to be consistent in your thoughts, words and actions towards others. However, there are so many challenges and hurdles in your journey that sometimes, it feels like you are alone and have no one to turn to. The burdens can be so heavy that you may feel like giving up.

Do you want to be close to Jesus, lay your hardships at His feet and feel Him speak to you each and every day? The words in this book will light a fire in your heart and let you enter a world where you can communicate with Jesus and develop an intimate relationship with Him. Let Jesus lead you in an exciting journey to becoming the Christian that you were always meant to be; one who is secure in the knowledge that He is directing you in every step and one who has absolute trust in His love.

Jesus has so much love for us and we can be His tools; His voice in this world for the people who are walking in darkness and waiting for someone to take their hands and guide them as Jesus guides you. Glorify Him with your achievements, use the tools given to you and you will find fulfilment in a rich and rewarding life.

About the Author.

Matthew was born again at the age of eight in a Baptist Church and quickly developed the ability to speak to Jesus and have Jesus speak back to him. With a life that has seen much sorrow he has developed a keen sense of compassion for all sorts of people.

Called as a prophet from birth it wasn’t till 2005 that he realised that he was called as a prophet. Over the past twenty years he has been used by God to deliver over twenty thousand personal prophecies to people, the majority of which were given to total strangers. Matthew is well versed in hearing Jesus speak though him.

With an intimate relationship with Jesus, Matthew lives to lead people closer to the Jesus that he has come to know so well. Through this book, “Jesus Speaking Today” Matthew hopes people might come to know the voice of the Master better.

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