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The Bible | 5 Easy Steps to Memorize The Bible – From NIV to King James KJV, To New Testament & Old. Your Gateway To Christian Excellence



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Discover Exactly How to Memorize the Bible in 5 Easy Steps…

Every Christian Will have to keep God’s word in his/her mind and heart. Each believer Will have to live on a daily basis according to God’s will. Whatever a person is going through in life: joy, sorrow, difficulty, loss, success, etc. the Bible has precious words to help get through it all. Rejoicing over a promotion? The Bible has the best words for congratulations. Grieving over the loss of a loved one? The Bible has the most comforting words anyone can ever hear. Tired of the monotony of life and losing hope for the future? God’s promises can surely be encouraging. To get all these, a believer must memorize Bible verses that can be called to mind in times of need.

But memorizing the Bible seems to be a daunting task for most Christians. What every Christian Will have to do, on the other hand, is to memorize several verses, such as the verses that contain the promise of salvation, and God’s commandments, laws and promises. A large number of people have several excuses for not doing so, such as memory capacity is small (can’t memorize a thing), or there just isn’t time, etc. These are mere excuses. This book will show you that memorizing the Bible is achievable- and easy.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn:

  • The a lot of reasons for memorizing the Bible…
  • The benefits of Memorizing The Bible Verses…
  • Where to start memorizing The Bible verses…
  • Tips and Tricks in Memorizing the bible
  • How to memorize the bible faster and easier…
  • And ultimately, how to use the bible verses in life…

The Bible is a very old Christian book. It is among the oldest books ever written that is still in use up to this day. It was written for over 1,500 years, more than 3 millennia ago. But, its principles, teachings and promise still hold true up to this day. This can be a proof of how powerful and living God’s word is, and that Christianity is still very much alive. It was applicable to life in the ancient times and remains applicable to life today. Society has progressed by leaps and bounds since the oldest books (Torah) of the Bible were written, yet we will be able to still hold on to God’s word to help us face today’s trials and difficulties. As the Bible says, the Word of God is living and powerful.

God’s word, the Bible, is also transformative- if you allow God’s will to work in your life. One way of knowing God’s will and living according to His plan is to start learning what He wants in your life. Memorizing the Bible verses is not just merely reciting the words and committing them memory.

The Bible is where you’re going to find God’s comforting, encouraging and strengthening presence. Through Jesus Christ our lord’s words, you’re going to experience God’s full power, mercy and love. Read this book today and feel God’s power turn your life around. Soon, you’re going to reap His full blessing and experience His wonderful love in your life, through your prayers and the Bible verses.

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