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The Parables of Jesus: Made Simple

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With heart-challenging explanations of the parables of Jesus, Matthew Robert Payne shares pieces of his life in the framework of the 54 parables of Jesus covered in The Parables of Jesus made simple. This collection of essays reads like a scholarly, yet genuine conversation with a good friend and is written with honesty, transparency and vigor. Matthew invites you to read the lessons of Christ, often times pleading with the reader to take hold of the weight of the words, then stepping back and offering no-nonsense applications for life. Each chapter is only four pages long, if not less, which allows the reader to stop and reflect on the revelation shared in each chapter. This book is definitely worth bringing into your library and your life. Angela Dicken Freelance Writer You don’t need a PhD to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. You need selfless dedication, humility and a hunger for truth. You can feel these in Matthew Robert Payne’s book on The Parables of Jesus made simple. After sixty years on this earth, I have heard a few sermons, and Mr Payne’s book stands as a delightful treasure. RC Martin Professional Editor

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